Decided to revisit the Minnie Mouse theme. With my Minnie nails version two. Love Minnie Mouse and red and white polka dots!
Simple metallic leopard print nails
Cow nail art 🐮❤️
Little mermaid nails ❤️
Last week I painted trains on my nails for my first few shifts working on the Weymouth Sealife Express. Pretty happy with the outcome, and some nice comments from the passengers!
101 Dalmatians nails!
Girly galaxy and unicorn nails! (They’re very short now because I broke one this week :( #nailartistproblems )
Cartoon rose nail art
My lace design french manicure with gold glitter placement.
Pink girly nails with a few sparkles added. Just wanted a quick design to do.
Spikes, Studs and Sparkles. Impractical but I love them!
Dandelion glitter nails